At first glance, there's nothing remarkable about this picture. Just some trees, right? Well actually, there's a sniper in hiding in there, waiting patiently for their target.

Do you see it? Right by the center of the picture, by the log on the ground. No? Here, let Vice point it out for you:

That's a sniper. Really!

We try our best to spot snipers all the time in games, but in real life, spotting them is way harder. They're trained to be practically invisible; it makes sense.

The sniper photographs above, which were originally shared by Vice, come from artist Simon Menner. Menner captured snipers from the German Army as they hid in nests (which are holes, basically). Here are a few more photographs, all of which hide snipers. Can you spot them all? If you want, you can even use Kinja to click on the part of the picture you think hides a sniper, and annotate it for others to see.


I'll give you the answers for the first two. For the others, you'll have to visit Vice to see where the snipers are.


Okay, those were practice. What about these?


How many did you get?

Can you spot the snipers in these photos? [VICE]