Grand Theft Auto V frequently captures the look, vibe and vehicles of the best California-based crime fiction. If you so desire, it's not too difficult to hop into a CHiPs motorcycle or a Joy Ride truck and recreate your favorite cinematic scenes.

Can you name all the references in this new video from CinemaSins? I did okay with their first one, but a few of these were too obscure for me.


From their video description, the full list of references is:

0:09 Back to the Future
0:21 The Great Food Truck Race
0:36 Joy Ride
0:50 Castaway
1:01 Jackass
1:27 CHiPs
1:42 Groundhog Day
2:02 Street Hawk
2:19 Transformers
2:37 Smokey & The Bandit
2:59 Goodfellas
3:10 Sneakers
3:20 Star Trek (2009)
3:33 Airwolf
3:52 The Matrix
4:27 & 4:37 Breaking Bad

That reminds me, I kinda want to rewatch The Matrix.