See How The Moon Changed From Destiny To Destiny 2

Since Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is allowing players to go back to the Moon, we thought we’d make a comparison video showing how some of the staple locations have changed from the original Destiny.

  • Hellmouth has some interesting, subtle changes, with what used to be minor cracks in the ground now being deep troughs.
  • The change to Anchor of Light is the most dramatic, with an entire ship crash-landing into it.
  • The Gateway and Archer’s Line are pretty much the same, which is pleasantly nostalgic.

There are new locations as well.

To make this comparison work, we sped up some gameplay slightly here and there. The focus is to show how the moon has changed, from the 2014 original to the place players can visit in its sequels 2019 expansion.


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I honestly think these locations looks better in Destiny 1. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!