See How Papo & Yo Tries to Recreate the Fantastic Realities of Childhood

"I want to take all these rich kids into a poor environment and make them realize they can enjoy it." That's a bold statement from game designer Vander Caballero, who's leading the development of Papo & Yo.

But the upcoming PlayStation release aims for bold things, like letting players experience the dysfunctional relationship Caballero had with his alcoholic father through a video game. In the video, you'll also see how the imagination Caballero used to escape his challenging childhood informs the game's quirky mechanics. Papo & Yo charmed the hell out of me when I played it a few months ago and it's great to see the amount of passion being poured into this game. I can't wait to play it some more at E3.


Papo & Yo Dev Diary: Fantastic Realities [PlayStation Blog]

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