Gruesome shoot 'em up Bulletstorm is going to throw plenty of cannon fodder your way, beefy bad guys waiting to have their heads blown off, be kicked into spikes, crushed by elevators or suffer some creative combination of all three.

Where does that walking target practice come from? From one guy, a buff, bald blank slate of a man that gets cloned, dressed up, tattooed and decorated to break up the monotony of shooting the same poor schlub over and over again. Bulletstorm creators People Can Fly explain how this sausage gets made in a new video.

Watch as a musclebound generic video game character transforms into something else: a bunch of unique musclebound video game characters that might be the most fashionable cannibals to ever appear in a shooter.

Bulletstorm comes to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 22, stuffed with lots of dudes to kill.


How to make an army out of one bald dude [People Can Fly]