Today was a good day to be a Blizzard fan. Blizzcon kicked off with a bang in California, revealing a batch of new trailers, more details about the pending release of Diablo III and news of a Panda-themed World of Warcraft expansion pack.

Here for your easy perusal is a quick guide to all things Blizzcon today. Don't forget to check back with us throughout the weekend for our on-going coverage from the big show.

Blizzard DOTA

This is Blizzard DOTA's Character-Packed Trailer

It's a Blizzfan's wet dream come true as iconic characters from various universes take armies into battle against each other in Blizzard DOTA. While it's known that Blizzard's working on a MOBA-style game, no one would've predicted that it was going to look anything like this. More »




Diablo III Will be Free To World of Warcraft Annual Pass Subscribers

Diablo III will be free to play for annual pass World of Warcraft subscribers, Blizzard announced at their convention.
Starting today you can go and sign up for the World of Warcraft annual pass. More »


The Ultimate Edition of Diablo III Is Stuffed, Probably Expensive

Revealed at Blizzcon today, this is the Ultimate Edition of Diablo III, which includes the game, collectibles, copies of the older Diablos, a fake skull (!) and more. More »


Watch This Awesome Diablo III Cinematic: "The Black Soulstone"

In addition to the announcement that Diablo III would be free for all World of Warcraft subscribers with an annual pass, Blizzard showed off a cinematic from the game, titled "The Black Soulstone."
In it, the character Leah (voiced by FemShep herself, Jennifer Hale), narrates, reading through her... More »


Celebrate Diablo's 15-Year Anniversary With This Retrospective Video

Check out the retrospective video Blizzard put together about the history of Diablo, Battle Net, and other pieces of the company's history from today's BlizzCon.
The video outlines the beginnings of Diablo as a claymation game, the absorption of Condor Games into the Blizzard fold, the success of... More »

Opening Ceremony


Live at the BlizzCon 2011 Opening Ceremonies

The next chapter in the World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and StarCraft II saga starts here, at the BlizzCon 2011 opening ceremonies, and Kotaku is there, watching, waiting...liveblogging. More »

StarCraft II


This is the Spectacular StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trailer

StarCraft II's Heart of the Swarm trailer is everything I would want from this latest step forward in Blizzard's real-time strategy game. More »

World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft's Next Big Expansion Is Mists of Pandaria

The next World of Warcraft expansion is called Mists of Pandaria, an expansion pack that includes a new race, level cap, class and talents.
The expansion pack, which was unveiled at Blizzcon just moments ago but which wasn't yet dated, will include the new panda-like Pandarens. More »


The First Fluffy Screens of World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria

I honestly was not expecting Mists of Pandaria to really be the next expansion pack for World of Warcraft, but here we are, showing off the first official screenshots. More »


Live at the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Preview Panel

Now that we know what the next expansion pack for World of Warcraft is, let's get some details about what's going on beyond the Mists of Pandaria.
The Mists of Pandaria Preview Panel

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