Section 8 Still Headed For The PS3

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Timegate's Section 8, one of last year's more interesting efforts in the multiplayer shooter space, is available on PC and Xbox 360. For some reason, it's also coming out on PlayStation 3.


You get the feeling Timegate missed the boat on this one; had a PS3 version launched alongside the 360 and PC copies, people may have picked the game up, intrigued by its drop-anywhere spawn points and strong Tribes influence.

Now that Section 8 has been out for a few months, though, most people once interested will now know that game isn't very good, its novelty outshone by clunky controls and excruciating pacing.


A singleplayer campaign might have helped, but then, Section 8 doesn't really have one. Six months ago this might have been worth consideration for multiplayer shooter fans on the PS3, but now that MAG is on the market? I can't see the point.

Section 8 For PlayStation 3 Not Cancelled [IGN]

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As a multiconsole owner- and someone who played Section 8... "big deal" comes to the front of my mind. With MAG out on the PS3, and MW2 still doing well- and even BFBD2 close to the shelf... why on Earth would anybody make a fuss about this game? It's not Halo. It's not even in the same league as Halo. So if they're thinking the PS3 owners will gravitate to this like it's the premiere Sci-Fi shooter... they're nuts. I did like the drop ship spawns- but that was LITERALLY it. That was the ONLY thing that deserved a nod.