Secret Super Mario Level Found In Dying Light [UPDATE: More Secrets]

The latest Dying Light easter egg that's been uncovered transports players to a Super Mario-esque stage, only with a lot more zombies inside. YouTuber Arekkz Gaming discovered the secret portal to zombie goomba (zomgoomba? goomzombie?) killing goodness, and was kind enough to show us all where to find it:

As he explains in the video, you can find the Super Mario level in Old Town. You have to be about halfway through the game to do so, since accessing this part of the world requires traveling through the sewers to begin the Sector 0 chunk of the story.


Once you're in Old Town, go to far southwest corner of the Old Town map.

Then head to the top of this tall brick house:


Once you're there, look for a chimney with a green pipe sticking out.


That's the universal symbol that you can do this:


And then you're off to the races!


Like many other Dying Light easter eggs (and there are a lot of them), the Super Mario stage is cute and all. But you know what this really makes me want? An actual Super Mario platformer that transports Nintendo's wonderful third-person platformer mechanics to a first-person perspective—much in the same way Dying Light took Assassin's Creed-style parkour and turned it into a first person...hacker? Not really a shooter I guess...

Just think how cool fighting goombas would be! Like beating up zombies in Dying Light, only trippy and adorable instead of horrifying and traumatic.


I'd also accept a PC mod that has your Dying Light character say, "It's-a me, Crane!"

UPDATE (2:50 pm): A reader was awesome enough to point out that there's another, even better Super Mario-themed secret inside the level. If you jump on top of the pink cube, you can find a blueprint for something called the "Pyza Suit," which lets you glide around Harran in Tanooki Suit fashion. Here's a video showing where to find it:

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