Drift0r’s Guide to Verdansk Easter eggs.

It’s possible this is all a connected Easter egg that requires certain actions to be performed in a specific order, requiring a little more sleuth work on the community’s end. Or perhaps it’s merely a tease to get the community ramped up, and nothing will be triggered until the start of some upcoming in-game event.


If you want to do your own investigating, Activision has created an in-depth guide for Warzone. You can actually see all the points of interest on the map, and break everything down into zones and sectors. Each specific location has a brief description of the area, which might provide further clues to the mystery.

Each bunker appears to be showing as a “Classified” location, and one near the Junkyard has a redacted description that reads:

Φ/Λ: [[REDACTED]]. [[REDACTED]] trails by the edge of [[REDACTED]]. Two of the [[REDACTED]], and you can enter and explore (or hide in) the [[REDACTED]]. With the [[REDACTED]] you can use for protection when engaging [[REDACTED]] a mystery to [[REDACTED]]. [[REDACTED]] either side [[REDACTED]].


So, what’s behind those mysterious bunker doors? Are these going to be special weapon caches like the high-tier loot stashes in Apex Legends and Fortnite? Shortcuts to help us traverse the map faster?

Maybe this tease ends up being a flop, and the developers wait too long to pull the trigger on whatever they had planned. Or maybe there’s nothing behind the doors at all. I’m personally hoping that each bunker unleashes a horde of Cryptids, the creepy, alien-like creatures from Call of Duty: Ghosts’ “Extinction” mode.