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Second Easy Question For Easy Win An Xbox 360 Contest

In case you missed our initial post, we are giving away an Xbox 360 this week. All you have to First question. Here's contest: Everyday at 12 noon Kotaku Time, we will ask one question for a grand total of five questions at the end of week. Each answer will be buried somewhere in Kotaku — yes, it's a scavenger hunt. (But, this contest will be cone hat/stormtropper leg free!) So simply answer each day's question and save them for Friday. Because on Friday, July 11th, we shall ask the last question. The 11th person to send kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom all the questions this Friday (with links) and all the correct answers (with links) will win. The questions will not be hard. Well, not that hard. First question goes up later today. Remember, you are only sending us your answers this Friday, not before and not after. FRIDAY.

Also, anyone who puts answers below in the comments or elsewhere will be banned and mocked. Hit the jump for the second easy question — and the first one, in case you missed it.


Second question: What did a well-known recording artist say a game of chess is like?

Here's the first question for those who let it pass them by.

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@jrghoull: seeing as how your question is dated at 07:22 PM, it most be kinda clear right now, right? the posts stay up forever.

Basically the put a question everyday at noon, and you have to answer it (not in here, get a text file and save the answer) and this Friday after you have answered the last question send Kotaku an email with all of the questions and answers, and hope to the internet gods, that you are the eleventh one, because if you are you win a xbox360