Seaward and Onward

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Well, folks. It's been fun, but this is my last Open Thread on Kotaku forever. You've been a pleasure to chat with on a semi-nightly basis about things video game related and not. I hope you get the chance to continue doing so.


Forgive me. I don't have any interesting links to share with you tonight, but I hope you'll share some with your fellow Kotakuites. If you found anything interesting, funny, informative or just plain delightfully geeky on the internet today, let the group know.

Otherwise, talk amongst yourselves. And have a good weekend.

I'm out!

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Gentlemen, ladies of the great nation of Kotakuite, I think what we could all use right about now is a good laugh. Let's post some funny pictures shall we? They don't even need to be video game related.