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Seaman Developer's iPhone Game Canned By Apple

Illustration for article titled Seaman Developers iPhone Game Canned By Apple

Wondering what happened to that iPhone Seaman caveman spinoff known asGABO? Not approved, it seems by Apple. Explains its innovative developer Yoot Saito:

When is that previously announced GABO for the iPhone going to be finished? I'm often asked that question. Honestly, that was finished a while back. The reason this wasn't made public was, well, Apple rejected the game. (lol) The reason for this was something like that the interaction with the Peking man was "unpleasant." (This isn't an official Japanese translation [of what Apple stated in English]).

The truth is that development staff, which had already considered development on Seaman DS before being contacted about this, reluctantly abandoned the [GABO] project.

If the time every comes again, this is something we'd all like to tackle again.

Apple can just shitcan iPhone games like that? Yes, yes it can. Hey, Yoot, you're lucky you even got a reason!


Postscript [YOOT.COM via Offworld]

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Well, I wonder what this says to all of those people who try desperately to say the iPhone WILL be a viable gaming platform along with DS and PSP? I have an iPhone and I still don't see it, and this just adds fuel to my argument.