Sea of Thieves Bug Causes Ships To Pull Sick Flips

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This is the Tony Hawk x Sea of Thieves crossover nobody asked for.

For a little while now, Sea of Thieves has had a bug that takes previously regular sailing ships, comfortable in their designed space on top of the water, and launches them suddenly into the sky like Poseidon hit a comically large EJECT button.

As RPS roundup, it is one hell of a spectacle.

There are bad bugs, and sometimes, there are good bugs. All we need now is some Fu Manchu and we’re set.


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This game is so freaking good. It’s in the Xbox Game Pass subscription, even on PC. It took some time to get my friends to try it, but oh boy, we have so much fun with it! Even playing solo is fun, though it is much more dangerous. The pleasure of sailing this screenshot factory is insane. It gets really good updates regularly and it’s far from the empty game it was at the beginning!