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Screw Racing, This Driving Game Is About Getting Stuck In The Mud

One of the best things about driving games on the PC is that they're not all about racing sports cars. There's stuff like Euro Truck Simulator. And now this, Spintires, which is basically a game about trying to keep trucks on the road on some of the world's worst roads.


It's a hardcore all-terrain simulation, tasking the player with performing seemingly mundane tasks like navigation and...driving on a road, but which become tough thanks to things like weather, lighting and, most important of all, a ridiculously realistic driving model.

The developers are currently looking to fund completion of the game on Kickstarter, but you can try it out now with a downloadable demo.


Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge! [Kickstarter]

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Why would someone want to play that? Unless you're a hipster.