Screw My Girlfriend, And I'll Review Yakuza 3

Jake Adelstein, author of the non-fiction underworld yarn Tokyo Vice, got several gangsters to review Sega's crime game Yakuza 3. But how?

According to the original story, Adelstein appeared at "a shady real estate office in Tokyo" with cigarettes and whiskey "to teach these gangsters how to handle a PlayStation controller". That wasn't the only thing being handled, it seems.

In an interview with Penthouse, Adelstein says that one of the reviewers was "very reluctant" to do the review. He made Adelstein an offer.

"In a roundabout way, he said he'd review the game if I did him a favor, which was to have sex with his girlfriend while he watched, because that really got him off," he tells Penthouse. "I'm not gonna say what my reply was, but we worked out a compromise and he did help with the review."

The lengths this man had to go for a Yakuza 3 review...

Yakuza 4 is out in North America next spring. Perhaps that yakuza would like to review it. Perhaps he needs persuasion. Perhaps!


Touring the Tokyo Underworld [Penthouse NSFW via Japan Subculture] [Pic]

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