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Scrabble For Cheaters Fundraiser Featuring Peter Dinklage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's time to sign up support a team in the Seventh Annual Scrabble for Cheaters fundraiser to benefit 826NYC. As always the list of cheats you can buy to use in the tournament are fun:

On Saturday, May 3rd, join Peter Dinklage and Jonathan Marc Sherman for Scrabble for Cheaters 2014, an elimination Scrabble tournament, where you and a teammate play against other teams to compete for the coveted Cheater's Cup, plus other cool stuff. Shake Shack Custard, drinks, food, and more will be on hand to keep you focused on your game.

To help make your way toward the cup, you raise money to spend on cheats, including "Invent a Word," "Buy A Vowel," and "Create A Blank." And the best part of all — all the money you raise directly supports the free programs offered to New York City public school students by 826NYC!

Invent a Word ($500) If you can pronounce and define it, it's a word. Invented words may not be rejected

Reject a Word ($250) Your opponent must remove their played word from the board, redraw new tiles, and lose their turn (Invented words may not be rejected.)

Surf the 'Net ($200) Go on the Internet for up to two minutes and look up anything you'd like - that's right, anything. (Web surfing time does not count against your standard two minute play limit.)

Add Q, X, or Z ($150) Add a Q, X, or Z to any word you'd like. (You must have a Q, X, or Z tile on your rack in order to do so.)

Buy a Vowel ($150) Trade a vowel from your rack with any of your choosing that remains in the bag.

Add 10 to a Tile ($100) Add 10 points to any tiles value.

Create a Blank ($100) Any tile on your rack may be turned into a blank tile by flipping it over

Trade a tile ($100) Trade a tile from your rack with one from your partner's rack.

Opponent's Rack ($75) Look at one of either of your opponent's racks.

Name and Place ($75) Play a proper noun.

Exchange a Tile ($50) Replace any letter on your rack with a new, randomly selected tile from the bag.

Passport ($50) Play a word from any language other than English.

Sign up to play or contribute here.

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