Scott Pilgrim Vs. The PSPgo

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In Scott Pilgrim book six, Scott plays Monster Hunter on "the hottest new thing." Bryan Lee O'Malley must have written this bit a long time ago. As seen at Capcom Unity.


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Am I the only one who thinks Scott Pilgrim is trite and tries way too hard to pander to geek culture?

I mean, I've tried to read it. It's not drawn particularly well, and it's not really funny. The whole thing just reeks of nerd self-insertion, i.e. Every geek wants to be in a band, scoff at people who dont recognize their favorite crappy indie band, and has to white-knight for their potential gf who demands they beat up their exes while spouting random videogame references. Even the commercial for the movie looks like a bad episode of Cheaters.

Scott Pilgrim is the geek equivalent of Twilight. It's supposed to subliminally make the reader feel like they ARE Scott, in the same fashion that Twilight makes the reader feel like they ARE Bella.