Scooby-Doo Remade In GTA V

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Chop, no! What have they done to you! Some other classic shows and their openings already have GTA V versions, made with the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode, and thanks to YouTuber btz now Scooby-Doo has one too.

The whole gang’s in there but it’s Franklin’s friendly Rottweiler dog Chop’s time to shine:

Here’s a side-by-side comparison. Worth checking it out for the funny details: The way Scooby / Chop is eating that cotton candy at the end for example.

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That fucking Wade character. I wanted to permanently kill that guy during the story, but the game won’t allow it. And to make it even worse, the story puts him forever in the strip club, out of reach of your guns. It’s like he gets promoted to live in paradise for being an idiot juggalo.

I feel like Rockstar trolled me.