Tonight at 10PM Eastern the Sci Fi Channel premiers it's live-action video game show Cha$e, and while the very idea of a live-action video game had me stocking up on cheese products, this one isn't actually half bad. It features 10 competitors called Runners, who are tasked with spending an hour on the run from Hunter squads continuously dispatched throughout a real life game map. The Runners earn money for every minute they survive, but only the one who makes it to the exit first gets to keep it. Throughout the game, players get various devices to help them out, such as gizmos that make the hunters turn and walk the other way, invisibility glasses, and sonic stunners, that freeze hunters in place for 2 minutes. In essence, it's the best game of tag ever created. The entire first episode is yours to watch at the link below. Tell us what you think! Watch Sci Fi's Cha$e Premier Episode Here [Sci Fi Channel]