Love Plus, Konami's love simulator, is getting a 3DS version. It's new and called New Love Plus. New Love Plus means one thing: New 3DS bundles.

Actually, it means three new things. Because like Konami did for the DSi XL, the Tokyo game company is releasing three 3DS bundles, one for each of the Love Plus girls.

These special three 3DS bundles—"New Manaka Deluxe", "New Rinko Deluxe", and "New Nene Deluxe"—are limited and will be available via the online Konami Style shop.

The game recently brought failed upskirts to Japanese television.


Get ready to fall in love with New Love Plus this fall when it's released in Japan.

【3DS】『NEWラブプラス』特別仕様の3DS本体を同梱したパッケージが発売決定 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

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