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Sayonara Wild Hearts Is A Dream Pop Collection Of Games

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sayonara Wild Hearts may have stolen my heart during E3. The levels in the demo I played were a collection of different modes all zooming through different on-rails levels that ranged from endless runners to fighting rhythm games. I can’t stop thinking about it.

The game is a trip through vibrant, neon-lit worlds where the laws of physics don’t apply, set to a catchy pop soundtrack. It takes place in an alternate universe that was once ruled by three divine beings but is now thrown off balance. A young woman finds a butterfly that leads her to her other self, The Fool, who can traverse this alternate dimension on skateboards, magic carpets and motorcycles. Along the way she must defeat enemies and restore balance, one pop song at a time.

The first level started off fairly simple, acclimating me to the fast tempo by playing like an endless runner where I skateboarded down a Rainbow Road-style level and had to switch between several lanes collecting hearts.


The next level took that idea and accelerated it by putting me on a motorcycle chasing another character through a city. I dipped through alleys and down huge hills that reminded me of Crazy Taxi if the drivers could jump out of their cars, run through an entire building and leap out of a window back into their vehicle without missing a beat.

The camera changes perspectives at an instant, switching up the game and adding a frenetic energy. One second I’m playing an endless runner and the next I’m fighting a trio of letterman jacket-wearing bikers in a simple one-button rhythm sequence.


I was intrigued by the reveal trailer, but the demo I played at E3 really put Sayonara Wild Hearts at the top of my list of games I’m excited about this year. I seriously can’t wait to get my hands, eyes, ears and brain on this game.

Sayonara Wild Hearts comes to Switch later this year.