Say Goodbye To The Xbox 360 Era By Blowing One Up With C4

If you're gonna ring in a new generation of gaming consoles, might as well do it… with a bang.


This new video, from RatedRR, is quite… explosive. In it, they take a red-ringed Xbox 360 and place it… in the smoking section. The Xbox then gets a new kind of red ring: A red ring… of fire.

Okay, okay, I'll stop. And yeah, as we've said plenty of times before, it's not really the end of the current generation, despite the new consoles coming out over the next couple weeks. Still, for anyone who had to deal with a red-ringed OG Xbox 360, it can be a bit cathartic to watch these guys detonate one.

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The American fascination with weaponry and tools of destruction is one that I will never fully understand.