Saving Alien Lifeforms One Tentacle War At A Time

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There is something really fitting about a puzzle game on a mobile device. I'm not sure if its how pensive or relaxing the activity can often feel, or if it's to do with the nature of distractions people typically opt for.

For me, it's that I love puzzles. And the device is well suited to the simple controls necessitated by puzzle games. Today's puzzle distraction game of the day is Tentacle Wars.

You might be familiar with Tentacle Wars from its original Flash game. To save alien lifeforms from an invading and aggressive infection, you have to take a microscope to their insides. Taking charge of the antibodies and combining their energy force will allow you to overtake the enemy cells.

Tentacle Wars is a bit of a game of math. Cells reach out to each other with DNA tentacles, but they need to have enough energy to make the distance. This sometimes involves connecting cells that are closer to each other. Through the transitive property, a cell can trickle its energy down to a friendly cell. Occasionally you can convert neutral cells to work on your side before the enemy manages to recruit it for another cell soldier.

Playing smart will let you overtake enemy cells before they consume yours. Some levels—and their respective alien lifeforms—are difficult. Sometimes barriers block your way. But building a strategy to face new challenges—either against an AI or friends—is the fun of Tentacle Wars.


Tentacle Wars HD [$2.99, iTunes]

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Did I miss something about it being iPad apps only month or something? All the apps Kotaku has been recommending lately are iPad only. :\