We first took a look at it early last year, but indie puzzler Back to Bed is now out. And it's great!

You play a weird dream dog, possibly a spirit creature, who must navigate an isometric dreamscape in order to preserve the life of your sleepwalking self/master, Bob. Bob is walking around the levels aimlessly, and is constantly in danger of falling off ledges to his doom, so you spend most of your time madly dashing around redirecting his movement through the use of obstacles that adjust his trajectory.

What starts out with some relatively simple puzzles soon becomes as varied and nutty as a dreamscape should allow, using everything from portals to Escher-like perspective tricks. While tough, however, the puzzles are never unfair, as Bob immediately respawns after death, his path is laid out in front of him to aid your job and you can fast-forward time to move him through pathways you've already set for him.

My favourite part though is the "narrator". It's supposed to sound dreamy, but he sounds like a super-stoned viking.

Back to Bed is currently a touch over $5 on Steam right now.