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FluffyLogic is taking their action strategy game for the PlayStation Network and making it smaller, placing the player in control of the entire campaign in Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign for the PSP.

Savage Moon is a tower defense sort of strategy game, released this past winter on the PlayStation Network. As Luke pointed out in August of last year, it's sort of a Starship Troopers take on tower defense, with human miners taking on the giant insectoid auto-immune response of the Imoons they are digging into. In short, we're killing living moons, and we need your help.


The PSP version takes place in the Hera cluster, a grouping of 20 Imoons that have drifted into human space. Players will encounter new species of Insectocytes as they determine which Imoons receive resources via a new Tactical Layer Interface, with successful missions unlocking new technologies to aid in your planet-killing.

I felt the original release would have worked better as a PSP title, and now FluffyLogic seems to be testing my theory out. Look for more information on The Hera Campaign when there is more information on The Hera Campaign.

Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign Coming to PSP! [PlayStation Blog]

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