Metroid Turns 25 | Yesterday, Aug. 6, marked the 25th anniversary of Metroid's debut. Although Nintendo has yet to formally observe the anniversary, that hasn't stopped lifelong fans of the series, who pay tribute in this 10-minute video by Shinesparkers.

Hooray! Now We Know Why Bobby Kotick is in that Brad Pitt Movie

Bobby Kotick's cameo in Moneyball, even after it was confirmed by Activision, remained quite the WTF mystery of June. Why was he appearing as the Oakland A's owner in a sports flick? Did he know Brad Pitt? Did he know the director? Was this some hint at a Call of Duty movie? More »


Pregnant Mom Fends Off Labor Long Enough to See Skyrim Demo

About six months ago, Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines figured Feb. 18 was the perfect day to conceive a child, as the baby would be due on Nov. 11, the ship date for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One couple conceived well early of that, but their baby's birth will still forever be associated with the game. More »


Hans Brix Might Want to Send Inspectors to Kim Jong-il's Gold Farm

An awesome tale from Friday's New York Times alleges that Mister Fun himself, Kim Jong-il, finances his nookular ambitions with the proceeds of an MMO-gold farming operation. More »


The President Ends a Four-Year Term

President was a fitting title for EA Sports' Peter Moore, who brought a level of public campaigning with customers to a genre that certainly isn't hurt by it and in fact may need it more because of the nature of the product. All game genres need community management, but sports, as a traditionally annual product, especially runs the risk of offending gamers by seeming to take them for granted. More »


South African Cops Make First-Ever Raid of PS3 Jailbreak Operation

In what is believed to be the world's first-ever arrest in connection with circumventing a video game console's security, South African authorities raided a jailbreaking operation in Johannesburg, sending one man to jail and confiscating all kinds of hardware and software the outfit used. More »


How Did We Miss the Best Cosplay of Comic-Con?

Mike and I saw a ton of cosplay, much of it game-themed, two weeks ago at Comic-Con 2011. In all of our time at the San Diego Convention Center, however, we never, ahem, stumbled across this guy, cosplaying as the QWOP runner. More »

It's unfortunate that Metroid was overlooked for some kind of 25th anniversary gesture. Overshadowed in the mainstream, I guess, by Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, to millions of gamers Metroid's music and characters are as instantly recognizable as any in the long history of Nintendo games, and groundbreaking in their own right.—Owen Good


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