Sam Raimi Says World of Warcraft Would Make "Brilliant Movie"

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After years (no, decades) of trying but failing, Hollywood finally got comic book movies right. Video games haven't fared as well. Director Sam Raimi is responsible for the silver screen version of Spider-Man and offers this insight as to why video games movies, well, suck:

There has been 40 years of different comic books... Writers have had to really get into the characters of the superheroes themselves. They explore their relationships, their loves, their villains, their stories — there's so much more to draw upon... In the world of video games, it's usually more of an environment or a scenario, not character-based...but they certainly could [be better]. There's World of Warcraft — what an awesome video game! It has such great, adventurous characters in it and such fantastic landscapes and rules... You could make a brilliant World of Warcraft movie — as fine as any of the best superhero movies — if you had the right writers and directors.


Hrm, if only Sam Raimi knew a talented directed able to adapt material to film. If only. There's more insight into this issue over at MTV. Check it out. Do All Video Game Movies Suck? 'Max Payne' Stars Hope Not [MTV Movie News]



No, I don't think a WOW movie would work out all that great.