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Sakurai Says Smash Bros. Ultimate Might Not End The Series

Though Sora was Ultimate’s last DLC, the series could very well live on

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
An image of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Mario giving the camera a thumbs up.
I guess we can say that Mario agrees with more Smash Bros. games, huh?
Image: Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai is back in Famitsu with his final column, in which he pontificates about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the series’ potential finale. It actually sounds like Ultimate might not be the end, though Sakurai isn’t certain about a sequel just yet.

In excerpts published by Ryokutya2089 (translated by both Siliconera and Video Games Chronicle), the producer talked about the future of Smash Bros. Sakurai said that while he isn’t thinking of a follow-up, he can’t say with certainty that Ultimate is “the end of Smash.” Apparently, he and Nintendo “need to discuss and seriously consider” how a sequel could be a success considering Ultimate has been a bestseller for the company since launch.


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If another Smash Bros. were to come, Sakurai said it probably couldn’t be done without him. In conjunction with his final column, Famitsu interviewed Sakurai, who said he “currently [doesn’t] see a path” in which Smash can exist without his involvement. He even mentioned Nintendo attempted to hand it off to someone else, but “it didn’t go well,” whatever that might mean.


It’s worth pointing out games are usually developed by entire teams of people. While Sakurai may be the brains of the operation, serving as creator and director of the series, the legions of lesser-known developers laboring in the background were just as essential to Ultimate’s realization. So sure, Smash Bros. as we know it probably wouldn’t exist without Sakurai, but that doesn’t mean Sakurai’s participation is totally necessary for the series to continue forward, either.

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Still, Sakurai has been running himself ragged for years now! In addition to designing Smash Bros., he’s penned his Famitsu column for nearly two decades. And in 2012, he was diagnosed with calcific tendonitis due to his intense work schedule, though Sakurai said he’s “okay” now as of August.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently wrapped up its DLC, adding Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as the last combatant to join the roster as an add-on fighter. The community was split on his introduction even before last month’s Smash-dedicated Direct aired, but the big-shoed hero is actually kinda cool to play.