Saints Row The Third Revels In the Absurd

If Grand Theft Auto is a caricature of modern crime and society, Saints Row The Third is...something else.


That's it... GTA-ish games just blew it. This is more than I can handle. Aren't you freaking tired? I Know, I know, it's cool being able to just do whatever you want, but I'm sick of this gratuitious violence.

I can understand violence to tell a story, I truly do, because life is not just a road of honey, sugar and lollipops. Life is a heartless, cruel BITCH, but does that fucking mean you are entitled to go around in a damn videogame OBLITERATING pedestrian with giant fists just for the sake of doing it.

It's not that they give you the freedom of doing whatever you want, it's that they are encouraging the player to behave like that ingame by showing it in a video: "Hey! look, isn't it funny? I can hit a whore, blow up a homeless guy, and FUCK THEM WITH A GIANT, PURPLE, FUCKING, DILDO."

I used to have some respect for Volition and THQ, I even bought and played Saints Row 1 and 2, but this is too much even for me. Way to promote your game, what are you, 14? Are we back in 1997 and Carmageddon is the coolest game around?

Screw this, I was having a fine, awesome day.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and no one else's, just take it or leave it. I may have exaggerated "a little bit". It just hit me like a baseball bat in the face. The game is 'most probably' OK, as the previous iterations were, but this 'promo' just sucks giant rat's furry, bubonic balls