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Saints Row, for all its problems, still did OK business for THQ on the 360. And it was supposed to come out for the PS3 as well, but hey, it never did. Why not? Yes, you guessed it. Problems with the Cell. Producer Dan Sutton:

In Saints Row 1 we got about half way through the process and then we realised that we just couldn't get our heads around Cell. It's just really complicated and I'm sure you noticed other games like Stranglehold push their dates up.


A sad, if familiar tale. But that begs the question: what about Saints Row 2? Don't lose any sleep over it, PS3 owners. Sutton goes on to say that thanks to increased assistance from Sony with some of the trickier aspects of the Cell, Saints Row 2 is coming along just nicely. Saints Row dev couldn't get its head around Cell [CVG]

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