Saints Row 2: Two Million Served (Well, Shipped)

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THQ's financial results today were pretty glum. But there was one piece of good news tucked in amongst the studio closures and money losses: Saints Row 2. It was announced that the game has shipped over two million copies worldwide since launch. We know, that's shipped, not sold through to customers, but even if half the copies in the world are languishing unsold, that's still a million sales. Not bad considering we're still only around six months into the post-GTA IV era.


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It's funny to see so many people (here and around the webs) dismissing GTV IV. When it first came out I commented on some forum about how I thought it was too serious and bogged down by its own sense of self-importance. I was basically accused of flame-baiting the community.

Anyway, I'm having a blast with SR2. The character customization is done really well.