Saints Row 2 Delayed

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Don't look so surprised. THQ have announced that they're pushing the release of Saints Row 2 back a couple of months, "due to product quality and marketing considerations". In other words, due to "oh man, that GTA IV is pretty good". Originally due to ship in August, the game is now slated for release on October 14. You may be finished with GTA IV by then. You may even care by then.


THQ delays 'Saints Row 2' by nearly two months [Reuters]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Coquiton:+1. Now that's a good comment.

@Komrade_Kayce:I'll head up a ban for @jfx316:, you don't have to.

Anyway folks, I think your taking your games a tad too seriously, but anyway, SR2 will be good. Will it be as good as GTA4? Hell no, Rockstar has by far more money and time poured into that game then Volition ever will into SR.

What I want to know is why there are features in the first SR that could have served to improve GTA4 even more, but failed to make it in.