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A gaming session ended in death on Wednesday, as Clinton Echols allegedly pointed a gun at his fellow sailor and fired it while playing an unspecified military video game.


Authorities say that 25-year-old Echols was playing a war video game with fellow sailor Louis Urbana on Wednesday afternoon at a San Carlos, California apartment. Police detectives have determined that at some point during game gameplay, Echols pointed a gun at the 20-year-old Urbana. The gun went off and Urbana was shot. According to the police, Echols did not immediately report the shooting, and by the time help arrived Urbana was beyond saving.

Echols was taken into custody later that evening, arrested on suspicion of murder.


While it remains to be seen wheether or not this was a simple accident or a deliberate act, there is a lesson to be learned here. Do not handle firearms when engaged in an activity that requires your fingers to make trigger-pulling movements, or better yet, just don't screw around with loaded weapons.

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