Another day, another funny Skyrim video. This one's been making the rounds a bit, but I thought it'd be fun to share—in it, YouTube user STuKKie86 climbs to the top of one of the game's many mountains, and then, via some sort of in-game console wizardry, casts a spell that prompts the mountain to… vomit up 2,500 wheels of Skyrim cheese.

Bethesda Community Manager Nick Breckon pointed out how similar this video feels to that amazing Sony Bravia ad with the bouncy balls in San Francisco. Which I think may be one of my favorite TV ads of all time, and not just because it plays on my irrational love of San Francisco.

Fun fact: The song in that ad is by the one and only José González, who sang the song "Far Away" for Red Dead Redemption. It's a small world!

Breckon even tweeted out a Youtube Double-Video, so you can mute the right video and Sail the Seas of Skyrim Cheese with an appropriately emo soundtrack.