Ryse Rises Again As Xbox One Exclusive, Will Use Controller

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Crytek's first-person Roman shield-cracker Ryse debuted at E3 in 2011 as a Kinect game for Xbox 360, then fell off the map. The game has returned, as Crytek has posted an update to their site announcing Ryse as an exclusive for the Xbox One. The update is short on details, but describes the game as having "controller-based gameplay enhanced by Kinect."


Here's the gameplay demo they showed off at E3 two years ago:

So, you know, not exactly a game that everyone has been falling all over themselves over, but I'm actually glad to hear that it won't be entirely motion-controlled. With an enhanced Kinect camera, this could actually be a pretty cool game for the system. And after last night's short-on-games reveal event, the console sure could use a few more of those.

There's also a countdown going on the site (in Roman numerals, natch), and I'm sure we'll learn more once it reaches zero.

(Via IGN, thanks Chris)



So a game that was conceived as 100% kinect based is going to include controller support, and people are freaking out because they think all these games are gonna REQUIRE it?

MS wants devs to know everyone has it so they're more willing to support it, but devs aren't stupid enough to make it required. I think this goes a long way towards demonstrating that.