Russian Footballer Wins League, Gets Medal Dressed As Deadpool

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Screenshot: Analysis TV

When FC Zenit won the Russian title yesterday, players went up on stage after the game and got their winner’s medals dressed in celebratory shirts. Everyone except for star striker Artem Dzyuba, that is, who decided to get up there in...a full Deadpool costume instead.


Dzyuba, who is also captain of the Russian national side, explained the move by saying “[Deadpool] can do everything, the best thing about him is regeneration, so it’s me,” the 32 year-old striker said after the game, as translated by Sports Illustrated. “I’ve had this costume for ages. It’s our third title in a row so I can allow myself the chance to wear it. I have long wanted to wear it, but during the second championship I did not dare, and during the first there was no time for that.”

“I’ll take it off as soon as I get to the locker room,” he then added. “It’s hot, I almost suffocated in it.”

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