Last week documentary about the First World War was released in Russian that, as you can see, got its Allied propaganda posters a little mixed up.

While it's easy to make fun of the show's producers for getting it wrong, it might be nicer to view it as a compliment to Valve's art team for making it so "authentic".

If you want to see it play out, head to around 9:48 in the vid below.

ŠŸŠµŃ€Š²Š°Ń ŠœŠøрŠ¾Š²Š°Ń / World War I. 6 Š”ŠµŃ€Šøя. Š¤ŠøŠ»ŃŒŠ¼. Š”Š¼Š¾Ń‚Ń€ŠµŃ‚ŃŒ ŠžŠ½Š»Š°Š¹Š½. StarMedia. Babich-Design. 2014 [Star Media]