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Rumor: Western PSPs To Get Neo Geo, TurboGrafx Games?

Alongside the new PS3 firmware update, the PSP has been updated as well. And it looks like this one brought with it a nice little surprise.

Reader Ryan sends us this pic, showing what the games folder on his PSPgo looks like after downloading the 6.30 update. Alongside his regular PlayStation-branded titles, there were now two new (albeit empty) folders: one saying PCEngine, one saying NEOGEO.

PC Engine is otherwise known as the TurboGrafx 16, while the Neo Geo - one of the most expensive but also most desirable systems of all time - hardly needs an introduction.

Games for both these retro systems have been available on the Japanese PlayStation Store for some time, but we've never seen them on Western PSPs before.

Guess this is what all those Neo Geo listings at the ESRB were for!


[thanks Ryan @ Fistfullofpotions!]

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