Rumor: SOCOM Creators Being Shut Down by Sony

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Zipper Interactive, a first-party Sony studio responsible for the creation of the SOCOM series and PS3 shooter MAG, is in the process of being shut down, according to Kotaku sources.


Sony has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter to Kotaku this week, citing their policy not to discuss rumor or speculation.

But we've heard chatter for several days that Zipper was in the process of being hit with layoffs and a project cancellation. The scope of the layoffs appears to indicate a studio shutdown.

Zipper has been in the business since 1996, with fan favourites like Mechwarrior 3 and Crimson Skies to its name before it was bought by Sony in 2006 to focus on the console business. The studio's last game was third-person shooter Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita.

Once seen as one of Sony's most important studios, especially in the days of the PS2, Zipper has seen its titles struggle to find the same level of success in the PS3 era, with MAG never really catching on with players and the latest SOCOM title having the misfortune of being released right in the middle of 2011's great PS3 downtime.

Without official confirmation, there is still the possibility that Zipper will remain open in a nominal fashion but the extent of layoffs that we're hearing about appears to indicate studio closure.


We've again reached out to Sony for comment and will update this story if we hear back.


Carlos Shabo

none of this would be happening if they listened to the FANS. all WE wanted since 2005 was Socom2 HD that is all we asked for.

Socom2 was and still is THE BEST ONLINE SHOOTER OF ALL TIME. Socom2 had no hit detection issues and had the best maps for any online shooter ever. it had a Lobby System and the best Mic work ever. it didnt have a bunch of people yelling in the mic at the same time, all you had to do is hold O and the mic was yours and only yours, it didnt have this BS AutoPlay system that EVERY GAME HAS.

Socom1 and Socom2 were legendary and will never be replicated, which is very sad since those games came out 11 and 9 years ago respectfully. if me and my friends wana play "Frostfire" all night, we simply goto Central 4 and hit "Frostfire", but no they destroyed that aspect of Socom4 by not having a damn lobby system, a system in which SOCOM was built on.

like honestly, why couldnt they just listen to the fans instead of following a trend?

WE(Socom Fans)

-Didnt want 16v16(Socom 3)

-Didnt want vehicles

-Didnt want Cover System

-Didnt want Auto Play

-Didnt want "Clan Ladder System" because it never worked. And using AOL AIM(Old School) along with Gamebattles was perfectly fine (Yes, WE Socom Fans MADE Gamebattles)

-Didnt want Airstrikes

-Didnt want Melee

-Didnt want Over the Should BS View

-Didnt want gigantic maps

-4 rounds with no tie breaker

ALL WE WANTED WAS SOCOM2 IN HD!!!!! we didnt even want new maps or new guns! the only thing we ever asked for was Socom 2 in HD along with an updated server to prevent Codebreakers! you know what we got instead? a bunch of crap we never asked for, we got a bunch of Automatic Weapons that sound the same, a bunch of pistols that have 60bulletts each, an "Ecumberance" system that was broken from launch day, and a bunch crappy maps that NOBODY LIKED. you stupid morons(Zipper and or Sony) you deserve to be shut down, good riddance and i hope everyone who worked on Socom3 Combined Assault and Socom4 never gets a job working with video games ever again.


YOU CREATED THE BEST SHOOTER BY ACCIDENT, and 9years later still cant get it right. have a great day, and thats what you get when you listen to Socom3, Combined Assault, and Confrontation Players instead of the real kings in the Socom Community(S1,S2).

and dont get me started on Confrontation, ill save that rant for an article that read "Slant Six, being Shut Down", because it looks like they are next with the piss poor effort of "Raccoon City"


PS: i wana say wud up to my Socom2 Fam Cold As Ice, Wrong Number, Hologram, Castortroy, and Faygo_MI.