Rumor: Retailers Say No, Thanks To Wii Mini Game Collections

A Gamasutra article published late last week carries an interesting rumour; namely, that two of America's biggest retailers have told publishers they won't be stocking any more Wii mini game compilations.

Gama's Paul Hyman writes "Stores like Target and Best Buy have reportedly told game publishers not to even bother approaching them with collections of mini games, which they will no longer pick up."


If true, it's a welcome move, though probably far too late to have any impact on the Wii's image as a haven for cheap shovelware.

Also makes you wonder where they'll draw the line, as some of those "collections of mini games" - like T2's Carnival Games series - have actually sold well. Real well.

Third-Party Publishers React To Deflating Wii Bubble [Gamasutra]

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