Posters on the PSPChina BBS are claiming that Sony is planning on releasing a hardware update to the currently available PSP, model number 2000, one that includes a built-in microphone, updated buttons, a few cosmetic changes and possibly even cell phone support.

As can be seen in the picture above, the Home button on the original and current PSP models is now occupied by a PS button, similar to the one on the PlayStation 3 controller. One could assume that Sony would have made the Home to PS change in an attempt to prevent confusion with its Home service. The purported microphone is to the right of the volume buttons.


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Yes, that's a thinner metallic ring on the UMD door. Why that would possibly change, we have little idea. Below is what is said to be the back half of the PSP 3000's plastic casing.


Keep in mind these photos are not confirmed to be the real deal and that they should be considered rumor for now. We'll be following up with Sony to learn more about its PSP plans and get comment on the authenticity of the above photos.

Thanks to creamsuger and ZX for forwarding the pics.