Rumor: New MW2 Game Modes Uncovered

Take this with a grain of salt, but this clip sure looks like it's revealing some new multiplayer modes for Modern Warfare 2, found lurking somewhere in the game's code.

There are three modes in total: VIP (just like Counter-Strike), Capture The Flag (with a single flag between two teams) and Global Thermonuclear War, which one side has to capture. Once captured, the thing goes off, killing everybody.

If you squint through all the garbage written on-screen, you can make out allegations that these modes are all tucked away on the disc waiting to be unlocked as DLC. Makes sense on a basic level, but the bonkers language isn't helping their cause.


[via VG247]

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I pity the folks who waste so much time of their lives with senseless idiotic hatred like that.

First, they made a incredibly lame attempt on boycotting the game.

And now that the boycott failed HARD, they all bought the game trying to find stuff to feed the flame.

You know, SO WHAT if the content is already in the game and you are actually paying to unlock them?

Ever heard of monetizing?

Would it feel any better if they just removed it from the game code and sold separately later?

You see, the thing is: You are NOT paying for what a game COULD be, you are paying for what it is.

If you feel dumb about buying the game because it has some modes that are not "unlocked", you shouldn't have bought it in the first place.

And how do they know those modes will even be DLC?

If you really don't like it, just stop playing it and quit the whinning.

Other than that, thanks for finding out the upcoming (or not) modes.

This is all directed to the video author, of course.