Rumor: Japanese Nintendo 3DS Games More Expensive Than DS Games

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Just hours before a weekend-long 3DS Nintendo World showcase kicks off in Tokyo, an established Japanese gaming news outlet is reporting details about the system's launch in that country that could signal what we're getting in March in the U.S.

The Japanese site Inside Games puts the price of 3DS games at 5800 Yen, compared to the common 4800 Yen price for regular DS games, according to a translation of the story on website Andriasang.. That would make a 3DS game cost the equivalent of $70 US compared to $58 US for DS games.

Nintendo hasn't revealed game prices in America or Japan, but the Inside Games report signals that software may cost more on the 3DS than on the DS. In the U.S., top DS games often go for about $30-$35.


(In Japan, the 3DS will sell for 25,000 Yen or about $300 US; there's no hardware price confirmed for the U.S. yet.)

Inside Games also reports that the 3DS will launch in Japan with 10 games. Nintendo is showing more than that during their Tokyo event this weekend, a sign that the glasses-free 3D successor to the DS is still getting a lot of support from game creators.


The 3DS is scheduled to launch on February 26 in Japan. It'll be out in America in March, though we don't have an exact date or price (presumably to be revealed at a 3DS press event in New York City on Jan 19).


A spokesperson for Nintendo of America was unable to comment on these details which, it should be clear, were not announced by Nintendo in Japan.

Nintendo's 3DS event in Japan — Nintendo World 2011 — kicks off in just a few hours. We'll be keeping an eye on it and letting you know the latest about the games and news coming out of it.

3DSのロンチタイトルは10タイトル前後、ソフト価格はDS+α [Inside Games, via]

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Nintendo already confirmed a Feb 26 launch day for Japan since September last year, it's not a rumor.

You guys even posted about it: