Rumor: Is Japan Getting An Xbox 360 Price Cut, Too?

Seems like that Xbox 360 price-cut isn't America-only. While we've seen scans of the rumored cheaper across-the-board cuts from Radio Shack and Kmart. Now you can apparently add Japanese retailer Bic Camera to the list. Apparently, because we don't have actual images.
But it seems the retailer accidentally leaked info about the sales drop on its website at around 3:30pm Japan time today and then took it down (it currently says "Sold Out" for the Xbox 360) — but not before multiple 2ch people saw the price drop and discussed it in a couple threads. Here's the leak they reported:

Xbox 360 Arcade: MSRP: ¥19,799

Xbox 360 Elite: MSRP: ¥39,800

Keep in mind that this could very well have been faked (I mean, no images, come on), but enough people seem to have seen it to give it some gumption.

速報@ゲーハー板 []
XBOX360総合スレ3863 [ Thanks, Muu!] [Pic]


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