Rumor: Geist, Call of Duty DS Developer n-Space Shuts Down

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n-Space, the Orlando based studio behind GameCube title Geist and the Nintendo DS versions of numerous Call of Duty and James Bond games, is reported to have closed its doors earlier today.


According to a report from Gameblurb citing unnamed sources, the developer laid off its current staff and is "essentially closing shop." The developer saw significant cutbacks in August, laying off approximately a quarter of its staff due to what n-Space president Dan O'Leary called "momentary reduced demand."


If n-Space is closing its doors, it would be doing so during its most prolific year and while working on some very high profile franchises. The developer has Nintendo DS versions of Tron: Evolution, Call of Duty: Black Ops, GoldenEye and James Bond 007 Bloodstone on the way, as well as Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids for the Wii. n-Space released Toy Story 3 for the Nintendo DS earlier this year.

When we spoke with O'Leary earlier this year, he indicated that the studio was coming off multiple projects, but that it had "lots of great things ahead." We've put in calls with n-Space, but have not yet heard back from any current or former employees.

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Anyone here really buys those CoD "ports" for DS?