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Rumor Gamecock Founder Looking to Jump From Developer to Mag Publisher

Illustration for article titled Rumor Gamecock Founder Looking to Jump From Developer to Mag Publisher

Gamecock founder Mike Wilson has been in talks with the owner of eBay-listed gaming magazine Hardcore Gamer about a potential purchase, Wilson confirmed to Kotaku today.


An unconfirmed rumor also names Wilson as possibly the person behind the last-minute offer to buy Hardcore Gamer. The New York Times quotes mag owner Tim Lindquist as saying that an unnamed suitor "who had recently sold his video game business" dropped by an hour before the auction was due to close and offered a bit more than Lindquist's asking price.


The deal for the mag, rights and associated domain names, isn't quite done yet, but is expected to be finalized this week.

Reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, Wilson was first coy about the possibility that he sold his game publishing company to SouthPeak only to jump into the video game journalism business.

"Awesome rumor! I hope (the magazine I own is) Tiger Beat!"

But later said that he did talk to the magazine.

"I did talk to them and would love to help the guys find a way to stay in business, because they do it just for the love of it, and you know I have a serious soft spot for dedicated indies. But I did not and am not buying them."


But is Wilson perhaps part of a group picking up the magazine? Wilson declined to say.

He did say that he's currently currently entertaining offers for and that he's busy putting on a charity burlesque event in Austin, Texas for Valentine's Day.


We only have the rest of the week to wait to see if he is a part of the upcoming mag deal mentioned in the New York Times.

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Bet this mag will avoid Ken Levine like the plague when Bioshock 2 nears release