Rumor: Dragon Quest IX Bound For Wii, As Well

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When Square-Enix announced Dragon Quest IX for DS, it came as quite a blow to stay-at-home console owners. If the newest rumor from EGM's Quartermann is right, DQ fans may still get a console version.


Yes, the Nintendo DS version is still coming in March of 2009, Iwada willing, but it may also be coming to the Wii. It may be coming to the little white console in the same fashion that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time will — as a game playable on both platforms, with DS-caliber graphics intact. That's a money making plan that likely doesn't impact development costs like a fully fledged port would. And if we know Square-Enix, it likes to make money.


Plus, as 1UP points out, the Wi-fi enabled multiplayer would likely work just as well on both platforms.

Quartermann: Dragon Quest IX Coming To Wii As Well? [1UP]

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Way to dream big, Squeenix. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like the idea of a console DQ9...I mean, hell, that's what it's always's more the fact that in an age of cheap Wii games, and lack-luster handheld-to-console ports (anything from PSP to PS2, Animal Crossing DS basically becoming Animal Crossing City Folk, etc.) it's just a little depressing to see another one of these. I imagine that it will retain its low-poly graphics and claim to appeal to the "casual RPG player" which translates loosely to, "a game for the loyal fans who want their sequel, and will put up with a lackluster product intended for more limited-hardware systems just to get that sequel."

What happened to you, Square? Remember the good days we had, when you were pumping out Chrono Crosses and Final Fantasy X's? What happened to that?