Rumor: BioShock, The MMO

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According to a "a mysterious source", game site Destructoid is reporting that 2K games is planning to release a massively-multiplayer online title based on the world of BioShock.


It is of course not the first time we've heard this; indeed, the last time we heard about it was from 2K itself, when back in 2008 the publisher's parent company Take-Two spoke of the potential of a BioShock MMO.


It could work. I guess. It's certainly the company's most viable franchise to pin an MMO on, what with Grand Theft Auto surely off-limits thanks to the inevitable "beat a hooker to death" tabloid headlines. Question is, is 2K really planning this? And if so, the next question is: when do you set it? Before the fall of Rapture? Or after?

Because I'd much rather play the "before". Or at least the "during".

Rumor: BioShock MMO in the works [Destructoid]

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Wow, I hope this isn't true. One unnecessary sequel with tacked-on multiplayer was enough, a MMO is just overkill.