Ruining Dark Souls II Is Funnier Than It Should Be

Dark Souls II has a lot of changes in it, and watching fans try to parse them out on Youtube is always a fascinating process. But what would happen if the game was so different it was utterly ruined? Hilarity, that's what.

I'll admit — I'm currently halfway through my second play through of Dark Souls II and I've never heard of any of these features. Not a single one. I mean, it's not like I missed the coconut, but I really should have picked up on at least a couple of these when I was reviewing the game.

Casual Souls 2 - Mechanics You HAVEN'T Heard About (H/T commenter Zombrero)

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Speaking of Dark Souls. I wish it was as ruthless as the old games of the past. 3 lives, 3 continues, you lose those BAM back to square 1.