Rubber Band Gatling Gun Fires 672 Rounds In 48 Seconds

Don't be the guy who flicks a single rubber band off your thumb and thinks they're a killer. Be the guy who takes Jesse Ventura's minigun from Predator, loads it with hundreds of rubber bands and destroys entire classrooms with it.


This beast is the Rubber Band Rambo, a Ukrainian invention designed by student Alexander Shpetniy. Initially asking for $5000 on Kickstarter, it's now close to racking up $100,000.

Illustration for article titled Rubber Band Gatling Gun Fires 672 Rounds In 48 Seconds

The Rubber Band Rambo has 16 barrels. It can fire 14 rubber bands per second. It has a range of 26 feet.

Below you can see that rate of fire in action. And also its power; a couple of the rubber bands actually hit the paper hard enough that they break through and get stuck.

I'm going to stop typing now, because I'm off to buy one.

UPDATE: OK, for all those asking, here's how you reload the thing.

Rubber Band Machine Gun with unique Fast Charger [Kickstarter, via Fast Company]



Sweet lord I can't imagine reloading this thing is any fun

EDIT: Never mind, just watched the KS video and that's covered